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Wonderland - Magic Mushroom Edibles

Wonderland Chocolate Edibles is an awesome substitute for taking psilocybin without consuming raw mushrooms. We understand that not everybody loves how raw mushrooms taste. Wonderland has your back! These chocolate bars are made with milk chocolate and are infused with 4 grams of shrooms in each chocolate bar. 

Each scrumptious piece of Wonderland Mushroom edible chocolate bars are created with delicious Belgium chocolate. If its your first time taking magic mushrooms, we suggest taking one piece and waiting 30-45 minutes. If you feel you can handle more, slowly up your dosage by taking additional pieces. Experienced users can take 2-4 pieces right away depending how comfortable they are. Keep in mind that the effects of psilocybin can take some time to hit based on different factors such as weight, height, diet, health, and other. One person may have a quicker onset then another.

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