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Shroomland is a the place to buy magic mushrooms online. You can order directly through our website, and we will either deliver it to you within the same day if you are within our delivery zone, or we can ship your order anywhere within Canada. We got all the highest quality shroom strains to offer like Golden Teachers, Albino PE and more. We’re constantly adding new options as well. We are suitable for all kind of users, from psychonauts to beginners. Get your Shroom Delivery in Bolton.

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About us, Deals, Offers, Product range, and more!

Shroomland is a lot of things not just a place to get your magic mushrooms. We are an Online Shroom dispensary, a same day delivery service, a resource for education related to shroom usage and benefits, we are a community, we are a family. We offer same day delivery in Bolton, ON. We also do the rest of the GTA for same day delivery such as City of Toronto, Peel Region, York Region, and surrounding cities. 

Shroomland specializes in delivering psilocybin products in Bolton and surrounding areas of Bolton, ON. Something that makes our service a little more unique then others, or rather gives us a competitive edge, is our relationship with our sources. So unlike most competitors, we don’t have a middle man to our product, we are dealing directly with magic mushroom botanists. This allows us a couple of advantages. Firstly, we save on our product cost for the actual mushrooms by cutting out the middle man. Then we make sure to pass those savings on to your customers. We don’t believe in making a killing on every order. We prefer that our customer base can feel like they are saving money on every order which they are. Also, not only do we have awesome prices, we also offer additional sales and promotions based on your order amount threshold. So for example, if you order $200-$299, $300-$499, $499-$1499, or $1500+, hitting any of these amounts will trigger an automatic discount during checkout, each discount bigger then the last. For more information on that you can read about it on our Sales & Promotions page

We got all sorts of products from magic mushrooms to cannabis. Some people ask us, “why do you guys offer cannabis if you are a shroom store?” This is a very valid question and we have an answer for you. We find based on years of experience that Shrooms and Cannabis go hand in hand. Now this is by no means a recommendation to use them together. All we mean is that we find that a lot of people who use shrooms are also cannabis users. Now when it comes to same day delivery, weed is what comes to peoples mind. So we thought, if someone is going to order shroom delivery from us, why should they order weed delivery from somewhere else? It’s inconvenient to place 2 separate orders, wait for 2 orders to arrive from different companies, pay 2 different companies etc.  Its just simply annoying. So we added cannabis just to create the one stop shop factor in our business and make things easier for our customer base. 

Another important thing we offer is the ease of microdose. We have microdose product options that allow it to be easy to access and simple to use for those who are looking to explore with their creativity and open their mind. We got capsules, gummies, chocolates, etc. If you wanted to, you could even just get the regular mushrooms and just eat a micro amount of it and that will also count as microdosing. Of course though the easiest, simplest, most reliable way out of all these options is simply buying our Trippy Monkey Microdose Capsules and just popping one capsule and feeling the effects. 

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