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Shroomland is top shelf, reliable magic mushroom deliver service in Caledon. You can find a variety of strains here, a lot of which are some of the top strains in Canada. You can find Penis Envy’s Supreme, Daddy Long Legs, Golden Teachers and more. You can also find Shroom Chocolates, which is great for newbies and experienced shroom users. 

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Shroomland is the first of its kind. An all out Shroom delivery service in Caledon and in the GTA. Sure we have non magic mushroom products such as cannabis, but we are mainly a shroom service. There are tonnes of cannabis delivery services out there that offer magic mushrooms on the side but we are a magic mushroom delivery service that offers shrooms on the side. Buying magic mushrooms online in Canada has never been so easy. 

Why Buy Magic Mushrooms from Shroomland?

There are many reasons why you should order your shrooms from us. The fact we specialize in shroom delivery as mentioned above means that ensuring quality control on our shrooms is essential. We make sure to know exactly where all our products are sourced from, where and how it is being grown, and we get the best prices to

Because we skip the middle man by ordering directly from the growers (we only deal with botanists), the price is a lot more affordable for us. The reason we are able to order directly from botanists is because we specialize in shrooms therefor we purchase large amounts of inventory, and can get it first hand from the growers. 

If you notice, most of our products come in minimum ounces. The reason for this is because with packaging costs, delivery costs, rent, storage, overhead and more, we wont make much money selling mainly in smaller amounts. However, by selling it in ounces, that is how we pass on our low costs to you. You may pay $120 for an ounce from us where you would be paying $200 for the same ounce somewhere else.

Another reason you should buy magic mushrooms from us is because we focus on fast delivery within the Greater Toronto Area and all of Canada. Within the GTA in Peel Region, York Region, and the entire City of Toronto, we offer same day delivery. This means that you can place your order directly through our website, and we will have a driver deliver it to you within 1-2 hours later. Convenient isn’t it? We also offer Canada wide shipping with xpress post. So if you are not within our delivery zone then we will ship your order directly to you. We have tonnes of customers within Canada that use our service for shipping. 

If these reasons weren’t enough, how about the reason of available education. What we mean by this is that if you are a newbie to shrooms, or even if you are experienced, we can provide you with lots of answers to your questions about potential health benefits, risks, how to consume, what to consume, when to consume, why to consume, and where to consume. From the owner to all the staff at shroomland, we are all experienced shroom users and can let you know whatever it is you want to know. This promotes safety and makes using mushrooms a lot more comfortable for newbies and even for experienced users. 

Lets not forget to mention deals. We have buy 1 get 1 free offers on select magic mushroom and cannabis strains. We also have bulk options that come at discounted prices for those who like to order more at once. If you check out our sales & promotions page you will find that we have storewide promotions such as spending over certain amounts will give you larger discounts, these promotions start as low as spending $200 and receiving a discount. 

We strive to make the ordering process as convenient as possible for all our customers and we will continue to do so within Caledon, ON, the GTA, and Canada. 

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