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Shroomland caters to all over the Greater Toronto Area, East york is not to be left out. East York, ON is a hotspot for our company, we have many customers from here. Whether you love to microdose and/or use magic mushrooms, or if your a first timer, you’ve just find the exact right place to be. Shroomland Carries Dried Mushrooms, Shroom Edibles such as shroom gummys, shroom tea, and shroom chocolates, and microdose options such as microdose capsules. Whatever you need, our customer service will answer any of your questions through text message or phone call, and will provide you with the education you need to ensure responsible usage of our product.

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All About Shroomland

We can’t stress enough that if you are looking for magic mushrooms of any kind, you have found the most comfortable, accessible, easiest place to find and order your shrooms. Shroomland makes it easy for you to place an order. Simply browse the website, find which products you would like, add them to your cart, fill in your delivery or mailing information, and checkout. During checkout, you can select whether you would like to pay cash on delivery or Interact e-Transfer (Cash on delivery is not possible for mail orders). We will receive your order and will reach out to you within 5 minutes or less to confirm your order. Our prices are the most affordable in the country, ounces of magic mushrooms start from as low as $110. If you like to microdose, then we also have very affordable capsule bottles. For only $45 you could get an high quality microdose capsules.

Deals that we offer?

We love when customers ask us about our deals, we are passionate about them here. This is because we are very confident that we have some of the best prices in the entire Country and the deals on top of the prices just compliment it.

Most of our Shrooms come in minimum ounces meaning you have to order minimum an ounce. Not all but most. The reason we do this is because we get our product directly from the growers and we save lots of money by not working with a middleman. Then we pass on the savings to our customers, because thats how business should be done. When you purchase an Ounce off of us, we save on delivery costs, packaging costs, Processing costs, shipping costs etc. So in turn, some of the most popular strains in Canada. which we carry, like Daddy Long Legs, Yeti, Flying Saucers, are all available for as low as $115 for the OZ. So without even getting into our deals yet, you can see that our prices are phenomenal.

We also have price threshold promotions. What this means is that if you spend $200+ you will receive an automatic discount in your cart. Every new threshold that you achieve, the discount is larger. This goes from $200 to $300 to $500 to $1500 plus. So whatever amount you are spending with us, you will be rewarded with a discount. More about this in our Promotions Page. 

Another offer we have which is standard in the industry is free delivery on orders that are $200+. Also, we do offer some cannabis products and we throw in a free 1g pre roll with every ounce. 

Our ultimate deals are for bulk options. We offer all our products in bulk for anyone who is looking. The bulk prices are largely discounted compared to the already affordable minimum ounce options. Plus you get an additional 10% off on any bulk order. It applied once you add to cart. 

Overall, we pride ourselves in the deals that we offer and our prices so we hope all this answers the questions that so many of our customers like to ask us!

What products do you have?

If you hover over to our shop you will see all of our products in one place. At the moment we currently offer about 30 products. We are growing our product selection on a weekly basis so by the time you find yourself reading this, we could have much more.

Cannabis, Pre Rolls, Magic Mushrooms, Shroom Edibles, Shroom Gummies, Shroom Teas, We have a wide variety of different products for you!

We’ve said this before, although we are shroomland, we do provide some cannabis products. The reason for this is quite simple, we want to be a one stop shop. We understand that in the cannabis industry there are lots of same day delivery and mail order services. So if a customer of ours likes to use cannabis and magic mushrooms, we wanted to make it accessible through us so they don’t have to order from 2 separate places, wait for 2 separate deliveries, and pay 2 separate people. We prefer to make this as easy and accessible as possible for our clients. We have indica, sativa, hybrid, options and pre rolls as well. 

Now lets talk about what you are really looking for, a healthy dosage of psilocybin. We find that a lot of our customers are searching for microdose options. Well we got the options for you. We noticed that people think that in order to take a microdose, you need to take it in a capsule and that’s actually not true. A microdose just means taking a small dosage of shrooms, regardless of the form that its in. So you can take 200mg of an actual dried mushroom, or you can take 1 square of our chocolate bars, or eat a couple of our gummies, you can have some of our tea, and if you prefer, then you can just take the microdose capsules. All these methods are okay for microdosing, but taking it in capsule form is just the simplest and easiest way, it is already portioned and ready for consumption. Regardless, we have all these options available in our store. 

All in all, we are the go to shroom website, delivery service, and community in East York, ON, the GTA, and Canada. So sit back, order your supply, and get chewing! 

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