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One of the most efficient ways to get shrooms delivered to you in the King City area is by placing an order with Shroomland. Shroomland is a magic mushroom delivery business dedicated to providing only the best delivery services to customers all over the city and country. And specifically, all of the people in King City. We strive to have very high quality product and it is always guaranteed. If you were not happy with your order for any reason, we will bend over backwards to make things right. Whether you are first time shroomer who found us by looking up shroom delivery near me or an experience psychonaut, we got the shrooms for you. 

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Top notch service is what we are all about here at Shroomland. High quality magic mushrooms is a given when ordering with us. We love the feeling of just delivering to a customer and knowing they are about to enjoy some quality psychedelics. You probably found us by typing in a google search such as microdose or shroom delivery near me. Well you found us because that is what we strive to do, we aim to always be near by and provide psychedelics for you guys, whether its something as little as microdose or a high quality ounce of Magic Mushrooms.  We have many deals in King City and offer lots of products including shroom edibles, shroom gummies, shroom tea, and more. 

Deals is what we live for!

When browsing through our website, you can expect to find a multitude of things. You can find different product varieties, brands, qualities, quantities, etc. We make it our goal that when someone views our site, they can almost always find something that they need or want to order.

We try to make the ordering process as simple and convenient as possible so we incentivize with loads of deals. you can get high quality ounces that would be $200+ anywhere else for as low as $115. This is because we don’t focus on profit margins, we believe in happy customers, referrals, and repeat business. 

We also have lots of bulk order options for those who like to order larger amounts. Of course we make the prices on these a lot more affordable and appealing when ordering in bulk. 

We always have new sales & promotions and even on the already discounted bulk menu we add an additional automatic discount of 10% on checkout, its because we really want to express the convenience it is to order from Shroomland.

Shroomland king city is the place to order your shrooms, microdose, or cannabis. So start browsing our shop now and place your orders!

I like to buy other things with my magic mushrooms...

Oh we know how it goes, we are not new to this. This is why we carry cannabis and added cannabis options into our menu. And we still were able to manage to get the most affordable pricing on it. We know that a lot a psychedelic users are also cannabis users so in order to create an absolute extreme amount of convenience in comfortability, we added cannabis to our menu. This way you wont have to order from 2 separate places for cannabis and shrooms. 

In terms of Cannabis, we have indica, hybrid, and, sativa. We also have pre rolled joints. We got you. Shroomland knows what you are looking for so we have it all. Also, bulk cannabis options too.

For those who want to take shrooms in King City and the rest of Canada, but can’t stomach eating the raw mushrooms, we offer chocolates, gummies, and teas all infused with psychedelics. These are made to be easy to consume and we know that you will love them because these are best sellers and most popular amongst our current clients. 

So what are you waiting for? Place your order and get shrooming. We can’t wait to serve you and we got your back, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If there is anything you are unhappy with, let us know and we will do everything in our ability to rectify it. Happy Shrooming!

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