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Magic Mushrooms and Microdose Capsules

Shroomland is a site that is meant to make magic mushrooms easy to access in Maple. Microdose as well. We offer a different variety of mushrooms, all at the most affordable rates in the city, if not country. Some of Canadas most popular strains such as Blue Meanies, Penis Envy, Golden Teachers, and many more can be found here. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced psychonaut or a first time user, we got just the stuff you need! 

About our website, or should we say, our community!

At Shroomland, we believe that top of the line products and easily accessible products in maple and surrounding areas of Maple, ON. We provide same day delivery within the GTA and also express Canada wide delivery, which of course means anywhere in Canada, and fast. All our products come directly from the grower and we know the botanists of every farm we source from personally. This helps us ensure quality control, as well as get the most affordable pricing possible, which in turn we pass on to you, our customers. If we save, you save. This includes all our selections from microdose, to shroom edibles, to cannabis, to traditional magic mushrooms and whatever else you see on our menu.

Do you have any worth while deals?

Haha, this is a popular question amongst you psychonauts at Shroomland. Like we said above, we make everything as affordable as possible so we have some of the craziest deals in the country. 

For starters, we source our products directly from the growers, therefor there is no middleman in between and our prices are as low as possible. 

Then, we have savings depending on how much you spend. So if you spend $200-$299 you will save 10%, $300-$499=15%, $500-$1499=20%, and $1500+ will get you a whopping 25% off your order total. Also, any order amount over $200 is free delivery. 

Next, we have bulk options. Our bulk options allows you to purchase any of our cannabis of magic mushroom options in quarter pounds, half pounds, and full pounds. These prices are heavily discounted compared to just buying them in a singular Ounce. On top of that, bulk products automatically have an additional 10% discount added on to them when checking out. 

With that being said, you can also simply get an oz of magic mushrooms from us for as low as $115. keep in mind this is only good quality stuff. and we have Ounces of Cannabis AAA+ for as low as $80. 

If you are reading this, then I think you’ve understood the deals we have going on. So go ahead and start your shroom journey by purchasing yourself some product and getting busy. Enjoy 🙂

What if I want something other then straight up raw mushrooms?

Boy… Do we have you covered. What do you like? Gummies? Chocolates? Tea? Microdose Capsules? We got it all and from multiple brands as well. All in Maple, ON

Majority of our customers enjoy biting into the raw shroom and enjoying the effects of their shroom trip in its natural form and if thats you, then great. If you find that you can’t stomach shrooms naturally, then we have solutions for you. 

To be clear, consuming it any other way then directly is still natural, but biting into the raw shroom is just the original way. 

We have 1000mg Trippy Monkey Psilocybin Tea for only $20. This tea bag comes prepared with tea and psilocybin mixed together and all you need to do is take the tea bag and seep it into hot water like you would with any regular tea bag. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then drink up. This is a great way to get the psychedelic effects without hurting your stomach and we have 5 different flavours for you to choose from. 

If you prefer to eat chocolates or edibles we have 6G Wonder Bar Shroom Chocolates that comes in multiple flavours or we have gummies

If you want to just lightly dose and use psilocybin to open your mind then you should try to microdose. We have 2 options as of now for microdose. Trippy Monkey Microdose Capsules (3000mg) (15 Capsules) and that comes in Penis Envy Strain and Blue Meanies strain. The other option is Trippy Monkey Microdose Capsules (3500mg) (7 Capsules) and that comes in 6 different strains. The 2 are almost the same but the difference is that the 3500mg only has 7 capsules in them which contain 500mg in each capsule and the 3000mg has 15 capsules in them which contain 200mg in each capsule. 

Choose your fun and enjoy it. We got your back!

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