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Magic Mushrooms and Microdose Capsules

In North York, the go-to destination for magic mushrooms is none other than Shroomland, the number one delivery company. Our top-selling strains include YETI and Tidal Wave, known for their powerful and enduring effects. At Shroomland, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction above all else, that’s why we provide a prompt and discreet delivery service straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the world of mushrooms, Shroomland has the perfect strains for you. Try YETI and Tidal Wave today and understand why they are so highly sought after in North York.

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What is Shroomland?

Shroomland is a high quality magic mushroom/shroom delivery service that offers delivery services in North York, and are located just outside and around Toronto, ON. What we offer is a same day, on demand, 1-2 hour shroom delivery within the Greater Toronto Area! Our product is sourced directly from botanist mushroom growers directly from mushroom farms located in Ontario, and British Columbia, therefor our psilocycbin products are guaranteed to be some of the best available. An objective of ours which we do not take lightly is connecting ourselves with growers in order to purchase product without a middle man, so we can save money for our customers. We sell Dried Mushrooms, Shroom Chocolate Bars, Shroom Gummies, Micro-dose capsules, some affordable cannabis products, and more.

What kind of deals do you offer?

Do we have deals? This is like asking us if the pope is catholic! Haha. All jokes aside, Shroomland is deal central. We always strive to give our consumers the highest amount of savings possible by providing the lowest prices and best deals. One way we do this is by purchasing products directly from botanists, rather then through a middle man, so right away we can pass those savings on to our customers. 

Here at Shroomland we are always offering new promotions to provide the best possible deals on the products we offer. 

We have affordable OZ specials on premium shrooms that range from $100-$180 for an OZ. We have cannabis Oz specials that start at $80! Rather then going on google and looking for cheap shroom delivery, Shroomland is the only place you’ll want to or need to look. 

Our best deals are saved for newer members, so that should be enough of a reason for you to join today! Just by signing up with us at Shroomland Magic Mushroom Delivery Dispensary you can get

  1. Free gifts with your first order
  2. The ability to access our BOGO deals on premium shrooms
  3. Free delivery on your first order

Our minimum order amount is $70 plus $10 delivery fee. We typically deliver within 1-2 hours of ordering. Our prices are so spectacular and affordable, you’ll never want or need to use any other shroom dispensary. Why even bother going to a shroom dispensary in North York if you can buy shrooms online from our shroom store? Shroomland is the Past, Present, and Future! Order now!

What kind of products do you carry?

We’ve got a whole lot of amazing magic mushrooms and magic mushroom related products available in North York. Also a couple of cannabis products too, such as:

Dried Mushrooms

  • Check out our amazing selection of Canada’s most popular shroom strains today. We’ve got beginner strains, all the way up to very potent strains for regular users. You can find all the shroom classics with us. View Shroomland’s Shop to see what we got in store.

Magic Mushroom Edibles

  • A lot of our Magic Mushroom edibles are manufactured in Ontario and B.C.! We’ve got the very popular vision bars, we have Back 2 The Future Gummies, and more. We only use products that were made inside professional facilities and have been thoroughly tested for safe usage. Our Psilocybin edibles are the real deal.

Shroom Micro-dose Capsules 

  • Micro-dose capsules. There’s a lot to be said about these babies. A lot of research by tonnes of different giant companies is being done on microdosing. So far, only positive things have been discovered. Micro-dosing has a tonne of benefits that we can’t even begin to list because then it wont end. Look it up for yourself and see why you should grab these capsules. Once again, just like the mushroom edibles, all our products are made in professional facilities, thoroughly tested for safe usage. So grab yourself a bottle of these and start opening your mind today!

Cannabis OZ’s

  • Although we are a magic mushroom company, we offer some cannabis products because a lot of magic mushroom users, tend to use cannabis as well, and we believe that you should be able to get all your products in one place, rather then looking in different places for your products. We have affordable OZ deals for cannabis products ranging from $80oz – $150oz. We offer, indica, sativa, hybrid strains. We got you for all your needs. 
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