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Shroomland is the first choice for magic mushrooms in Vaughan, offering a big selection of high-quality strains, including the popular Blue Meanies and Daddy Long Legs. These are some of the highest requested strains by our customers and classic shroom strains in Canada. Once you take these strains, the mind opening, ground shaking, euphoric experience you will have will be one of the best of your life

Being discreet, quick, reliable, and affordable are some of the variables in our equation for running an efficient, customer friendly, delivery service. We want you to be able to enjoy your magic mushrooms at your cottage, your home, your friends house, wherever you desire.

Magic Mushroom Vaughan Delivery

Do you have any deals?

Our customers always come first at Shroomland, and we work hard to bring them the best possible deals and savings. It’s a no-brainer — we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t offer deals! By sourcing our products straight from botanists, we maintain the ability to offer unbeatable prices and deals on magic mushrooms, with no extraneous middlemen to drive up costs.

Shroomland has everything you need for cheap shroom delivery, making it your one-stop-shop. Our customers always receive the best possible deals with our regular introduction of new promotions. Our affordable OZ specials on premium shrooms and cannabis Oz specials begin at $100 and $80, respectively. Don’t waste your time searching for inexpensive shroom delivery on Google because we have you covered.

We have amazing and affordable prices on all product selections and we have unbeatable deals. If you check out our Sales and Promotions page you will see that we have discounts when you spend $200+ and the more you spend, the larger the discount. We also have a bulk menu where you can purchase products in bulk at discounted rates, plus an additional 10% as mentioned in the S&P page

What other products do you offer?

We have a large quantity of product options for you! Check out our impressive collection of shrooms and similar products that are available for same day delivery and mail order in Bradford. 

We understand that not everybody can stomach raw mushrooms, it isn’t easy. That is why we offer the finest shroom chocolates and shroom gummies we could possibly find. All products we offered are sourced from reliable brands and we also do our own testing in professional facilities to ensure safe usage for our customers. 

If microdose is your thing then you are in luck. We have microdose capsules from one of the most reliable brands out there, Trippy Monkey. Check out our microdose capsules that we offer from trippy monkey, they are a customer favourite and best seller. 

And you can’t forget about cannabis. We have the best cannabis prices in the market. as low as $80 an oz for AAA+ Weed. Blue dream is a best seller of ours. Mainly we deal with shrooms as our main product, after all, our name is Shroomland. We do like to have some cannabis selection though to keep some convenience for our customers. Enjoy your one stop shop at Shroomland 🙂

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