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Same Day Whitchurch-Stouffville Delivery for
Magic Mushrooms and Microdose Capsules

Whitchurch-Stouffville or just Stouffville is a large city in the GTA and we cater our delivery directly to it. Shroomland doesn’t pick and choose, we try to deliver to as many areas as we possibly can in the Greater Toronto Area. Of course we might not be able to do everything but we will always try. You can get Space Coast, Blue Meanies, Penis Envy Supreme and more awesome strains delivered directly to your door when using Shroomland.

Whitchurch-Stouffville Delivery

1-2 Hour Delivery Time

If you’re looking to Buy Magic Mushrooms and get Same Day Shroom Delivery in Whitchurch-Stouffville or anywhere in the GTA for that matter, then look no further. Shroomland is here for you. We try to deliver within 1-2 hours, it may vary based on a variety of factors however regardless we will delivery it within the same day of you placing the order. 

We’ve been delivering top quality Shroom products all around Stouffville, ON for over 5 years. We have many repeat and happy customers and that doesn’t come from nothing. Being safe, reliable, and having great products is why they choose to return.

Same Day Magic Mushroom Delivery In York Region, including Stouffville, ON.


We promise deliver within the same-day of you placing the order as long as it’s within our business hours of 10am-9pm. Our minimum order amount is $70 plus $10 Delivery fee and if your order total is $200+ then deliver fee is waived. Instead of grabbing mushrooms from your sketchy hippy neighbour, safely order online through our website. For payment we accept cash on delivery or Interact e-Transfer.

Top Shelf Magic Mushroom Products – Microdose, Shroom Edibles, Shroom Tea, Dried Mushrooms and more.

We have it all. If you can’t stomach shrooms which we understand that lots of people can’t, then you can take it in a gummy or chocolate form. Or if you want, we now offer shroom tea! We actually also offer cannabis flowers too. We offer this because we know a lot of our customers like to use Cannabis as well as shrooms. We don’t necessarily recommend using them interchangeable however we don’t see a point in getting it from 2 different places, so you might as well order it with your mushrooms, which is why we offer it.

We carry inventory from top shroom brands such as Trippy Monkey, Wonderland, Wonder & More

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 You will be happy to know that we always have new sales and offers. We just added our BOGO page (buy one get one free). Buy and Ounce of Shrooms and get the same one free. (Only applies to options tagged BOGO). A customer favourite from our BOGO deals is the space coast shrooms. We will deliver directly to your residence in Stouffville, ON.

Save 5% by paying with Cash.

We have 2 payment methods, Interac e-Transfer and Cash. We charge a 5% processing fee for E transfer so you can save that by paying with cash.

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