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Shroomland is a premium psilocybin same day delivery mushroom company in Woodbridge, ON. High quality is the bare minimum of what to expect when ordering from here. Canada’s most popular strains, same day delivery, fast delivery, exceptional service, education, and more. This is what the Shroomland family is all about. Even an experienced shroomer can learn a thing or two from us.

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What to know about Shroomland

Everyone in the Shroomland eco system, from the owners, to the staff, to the customers, are all confident in their product. Its because we only source from botanists suppliers and have relationships with them on a personal level. We recognize that good product is only 1 part of the equation of running a successful shroom delivery business. We offer very fast delivery to Woodbridge. 1-2 hour delivery maximum. With our company, you will find unbeatable prices, high quality product and unreal service. 

Deals we offer!

Deals are a non stop regular occurrence with us, and we like it that way. Of course supply isn’t unlimited so you should get what you like while it lasts, but if one deal is over, there will always be some sort of new one available. We can tell you about our amazing savings on ounces of shrooms and cannabis or we can show you specific products that are high quality and we offer for low prices. 

Check out one of the most well known and used strains in the entire Shroom world called Golden Teachers. $130 for an ounce is what we charge. This price is unbeatable. To be clear, an ounce is 28 grams. that’s $4.6 per gram. The street value of a gram is typically $10-$20. 

What about our Blue Meanies. This is also one of the more well known flavours of the magic mushroom world. These mushrooms tend to have blue bruising in them, which indicates higher concentration of psilocybin the mushroom for a stronger trip. 

Both the Golden Teachers and Blue Meanies also come in bulk options for those who like to purchase in larger amounts. As a matter a fact, all our flower and mushroom products come in bulk options. A lot of our customer base likes to order the Flying Saucers Bulk. It’s just a great deal that isn’t found often and people like to take advantage while its available, and you should too.

The prices we offer are known to be incredibly affordable within the Mushroom community of Toronto, and all around Canada really. So while your here, do yourself a favour and grab yourself an amazing deal. Place your order now, and get same day delivery in Woodbridge or in the GTA. You can start by browsing through our shop


Notice how its just one word, not a question, not a statement? That’s because we are so often asked about microdosing that it just gets its own section written about it. 

We offer lots of microdose options. If you go to our microdose page you will see pill capsules and other products related to this. What’s interesting about it is that a lot of people assume that to take a microdose of shrooms you just have to get the capsules. The thing is that microdosing really just means taking a very small amount of psilocybin. An amount small enough that it wont make you trip like a macrodose but it will get your creativity and brain flowing. Typically this is like 150mg-300mg. 

With that being said, to do this, you can even just use regular dried mushrooms and just scale yourself out a dosage this small and eat it plain like this. Or you can purchase our chocolate bars or gummies and just have a very small piece. Of course, the easiest way is just popping the capsules. Also, a lot of capsules have different ingredients in them too. Some will have psilocybin mushrooms and will be mixed with other healthy mushrooms that are not actually psychedelic but just have great health effects such as lions mane mushroom.

If you want our recommendation, stick to the capsules because its the easiest to use and understand, its also already dosed out for you. With all that being said, we hope we were able to offer you some insight and if you want any more info or have specific questions, you can email us directly at and we will be sure to answer as fast as possible. Get your Shroom Delivery in Woodbridge

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