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By registering with Shroomland, you hereby understand that the scientific basis for the medical use of psilocybin has not yet been established and that some patients may become dependent if used incorrectly. You also understand that any purchases made with Shroomland are intended for medical purposes only and not to be used as a recreational substance.

Shroomland only encourages Micro Dosing as a means to help the above-named individual treat their condition(s). Furthermore, the above-named individual is responsible for their own medical health treatment choices, dose amounts, and substance choices.

Shroomland DOES NOT encourage individuals to engage in any potentially hazardous activities while using psilocybin. This includes but is not limited to: operating motor vehicles and heavy machinery. The use of psilocybin may affect coordination, cognitive ability, and judgment, as well as potentially cause visual stimulation (hallucinations).

You understand that Shroomland is not responsible for any allergic reactions that may be caused by accidental consumption/exposure to nuts.

You understand that Shroomland does not take responsibility for negative effects related to an individual’s health. This can include but is not limited to those afflicted with high Blood Pressure, Seizure Disorders, and/or Heart conditions, etc.

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