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We are here to answer all your questions! During business hours, we will usually not take longer then 5-10 minutes to respond to your email!

Before contacting us, check out our FAQ’s and or How to order page. These pages answer common questions such as estimated delivery time of arrivals, shipping information, and more. 

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Make sure to check your spam/junk folder in your email or your promotions tab. The best thing to do is add our email as a contact so that going forward, all emails from us will go directly into your inbox.

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We are a same day delivery service, if you order within our business hours, your order will arrive to your desired delivery address. As long as you received our confirmation email, then you are good to go (be sure to check spam/junk folder if you didn’t receive our email in your inbox).

Our team of experienced drivers, begin delivering around 2pm and deliver all the way until 10pm, therfore you can expect to receive your order within this time range. Of course delays are possible due to a number of reasons such as traffic, weather, a big volume of orders, and more. Please bare with us and trust that your delivery will arrive.

If your delivery will not arrive for any reason, we would reach out and let you know that!

NOTE: It’s important to understand that we cannot provide an ETA on your delivery. All deliveries receive an approximate time frame of being delivered from the hours of 2pm-10pm everyday. Our experienced couriers will contact you when they are on their way to you.

What Payment Methods do we accept?

We accept cash on delivery, and E transfer. When placing your order through our website, you will have the option to select COD or E transfer during checkout. E transfers are subject to a 5% processing fee. 

Whether you select to pay via E Transfer or cash, your confirmation email after checking out, will provide you with the instructions to proceed further. 


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Our same day delivery brings customers speedy and reliable Magic Mushroom delivery across the GTA and additional regions.

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