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Zest up your psychedelic journey with our 4000 mg Lemon Lime Magic Mushroom Gummies! These tangy treats are a citrusy whirlwind, blending zesty lemon and zippy lime with a powerful psilocybin punch. It’s a tang-tastic trip waiting to happen!

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Savour the sharp, refreshing zest of TRIPÖTIK Lemon Lime Gummies. These gummies capture the crisp, invigorating flavours lemons and limes, infused with the mystical qualities of premium Psilocybe cubensis. Each gummy is a splash of citrus delight, combining sour and tangy notes that awaken your senses, making for an exhilarating psychedelic journey. Perfect for those seeking a flavorful escape, these gummies offer a vibrant way to experience enhanced perception and a heightened sense of connectivity. TRIPÖTIK Lemon Lime Gummies are your go-to choice for a bright, flavorful trip that’s as enjoyable as it is profound. *** Each gummy contains 400mg of psilocybin, so start by taking a small bite. Wait 1-2 hours before increasing in dose. Psilocybin edibles affect everyone differently so take it slow for optimal experience.

Each pack contain 10 gummies with 400 mg of psilocybin each piece.

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