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Shroomland is a magic mushroom medicinal dispensary founded by Marcus Little, who is a firm believer in using psychedelics for therapy. His mission is to end the stigma around the main hallucinogen inside shrooms called psilocybin. Marcus believes that Psychedelics in general can help people reconnect, rediscover, and restore the connection between our mind and our body. The problem is that there is not enough information out there and too many individuals who can benefit from this kind of thing, don’t even know it exists. 


We make it a mission of ours to only source products directly from botanists. Find the most affordable prices, highest quality, premium magic mushrooms right here. Same Day Delivery in the GTA and Canada wide mail delivery available. 


To buy shrooms online has never been easier. Shroomtenders at your service. Shroom delivery near me is going to be your favourite thing to search on google, because you will find us. If you are not happy with your order for any reason, we will do everything we can to rectify the situation. 

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Buy Shrooms Online

Shroomland is revolutionizing the magic mushroom game. The idea is to follow the steps of the cannabis movement. We want to educate our customers on the benefits of Shrooms, how to consume them safely, and be able to access them easily. 

We mainly focus on 4 things, high quality products, delivery, education, accessibility. It is our mission at Shroomland to provide these 4 attributes when a customer orders from us. Shroom delivery near me is probably what you searched on google to find us, but seeing our wide variety selection, and affordable pricing, is what made you stay. 

To be able to Buy magic mushrooms online in Canada with easy access, safely, and have all your questions answered about responsible usage, is our goal. Together we will end the negative stigma around psilocybin. 

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Shroom Delivery

We offer Same Day Magic Mushroom Delivery. To be more specific, what this means is that if you order before 9pm any any given day, directly through our website, then we will deliver to you within the same day. This only applies to certain areas, so be sure to check out our same day delivery zones before ordering. 

For those who aren’t within our delivery zone, have no fear, you can still buy magic mushrooms. Simply place an order through our website, and we will mail it out to you via xpress post. Canada Wide Delivery is no issue for us. 

We currently offer same day delivery in Most of York Region, Peel Region, and City of Toronto, so this includes, Vaughan, Brampton, North York, Toronto, Scarborough, and all surrounding cities. 


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Microdosing Mushroom Capsules

Shroom Chocolate | Microdose | and More!

Microdosing is growing increasingly popular. At Shroomland, we offer lots of microdose options. Sourcing from reputable brands or using our own brand is essential for us. By now you must of heard of microdosing and it’s benefits, and microdose capsules are one of our best sellers, so what are you waiting for, go get started!

Another increasingly popular product category we noticed is Shroom edibles, more specifically shroom chocolates. We offer shroom chocolates, shroom gummies, and shroom teas. Get yourself the good stuff while supplies last, these things are getting flown off the shelves. 

Microdosing Mushroom Capsules

Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver to lots of different areas including City of Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, East York, Scarborough, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Concord, Maple, Kleinburg, Brampton, Mississauga, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Bolton, Caledon, King City, and all surrounding cities


If you don't see your city listed here, the best thing to do is to email us at to ask if we deliver to where you are. Don't worry, we respond quickly 


We also offer Canada Wide Mail Order. 

Generally our delivery fee is $10, and once you check out you will see a $10 standard delivery fee. 


If you're order total is over $200, delivery fee is waived from your order. 

Once you place your order through our website, we will send you a text message to confirm your order. We will then communicate our approximate ETA and will update you periodically when the driver is on the way, when he is nearby, and when he is at the address. 

Yes there are a few things you should know

  1. How much magic mushrooms should i take? We suggest taking less if you are newer because your experience could be a strong one and it could be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. Typically beginners should take 1-2 grams. A regular dosage for a user that is experienced and wants to feel the trip to its fullest, should take 3.5-4g. If you are looking for a trip of your life time, then 5grams will do it for you. We don't suggest taking more then 5g and you should only take this amount if you are experienced. 
  2. Your experience with psiloycbin can differ based on a few factors such as method of consumption (raw mushrooms, gummies, chocolates, etc), how full or empty your stomach is, your weight, experience, etc. 
  3. If you are feeling overwhelmed from your trip, eat something sugary. Some say its a myth but we believe it to be true based on experience. It may help to calm the effects of the trip. 
  4. Mushrooms should take about 10 minutes - 1 hours to kick in. We've seen it take up to 2 hours on people with a full stomach, and who weigh more, but typically it shouldn't be that long. The peak should last about 2-3 full hours and then the comedown will be a few more hours (you will be able to function normally during the comedown and you shouldn't worry to much about the extended come down hours). Sometimes after taking shrooms it is hard to fall asleep, so we suggest not taking it too late at night. 

If you have anymore questions, shoot us an email at

Magic Mushrooms are probably THE LEAST addicting substance in the world. People who use them will understand this first hand. 


One big reason as to why psilocybin is not addictive is because the experience of using it is just so intense. that it is physically and mentally challenging to use over and over again.


Another reason, and this is a big one, is our bodies tolerance to psilocybin. Our bodies build tolerance very quickly with psilocybin. So for example, if you took 3 grams today. You would have to take 6 grams tomorrow to feel the effect of a 2 gram trip yesterday. Sure it sounds kind of confusing but basically your tolerance will increase heavily after using shrooms and immediately. However it also decreases fast too, after a few days or a week of not using, you can do a normal amount of them again and have a great trip. 


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