Blue Meanies (28g)

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Uncover the Mystique of the Best Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms at Shroomland Canada

Blue Meanie magic mushrooms stand out as one of the most renowned and potent strains in the world of psychedelics. Known for their mystical power and profound effects, they promise an unforgettable experience.

Respect and proper dosing are key to harnessing the true potential of Blue Meanies. Ready to learn more about this legendary strain? Read on for a deep dive into the world of Blue Meanie magic mushrooms.

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Explore Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms at Shroomland Canada

Delve into the elusive history of Blue Meanie magic mushrooms, with origins entangled in naming confusion between Panaeolus cyanescens and P. cubensis strains, and discover their distinct characteristics.

Striking Appearance of Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Behold the captivating beauty of Blue Meanie mushrooms, featuring a thin stem and a wide golden-yellow cap. Their tendency to bruise easily results in a notable blue tint, a testament to their potency.

Profound Effects of Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Experience the euphoric and mind-expanding effects of Blue Meanies, known for inducing intense visual and auditory hallucinations, offering a journey of oneness with the universe.

Recreational Adventures with Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Perfect for various settings, Blue Meanies provide an intense recreational experience. Dose carefully to enjoy a deep connection with your surroundings, always prioritizing safety during your journey.

Spiritual Journeys with Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Blue Meanies are ideal for spiritual exploration due to their potency. Prepare thoroughly with a focus on set and setting, ensuring a clear mindset and a comfortable environment for a transformative experience.

Dosing Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms

Given their exceptional strength, dose Blue Meanies with caution. Here’s a guideline for a balanced experience:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose
  • .25-1g for a light dose
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose
  • 2.5-5g for a strong dose
  • 5g+ for a heavy dose

Experience the Legendary Blue Meanies at Shroomland Canada

Shroomland Canada is proud to offer the legendary Blue Meanie magic mushrooms, cultivated to provide an unparalleled psychedelic experience. Explore the depths of your consciousness with this iconic strain.

We recommend starting with a 1 – 2 gram dose and waiting 40-60 minutes. If you feel comfortable you can slowly increase the dosage to your desired amount.


Warning: These are extremely potent. Use with caution and with care. We recommend having another individual with you if you are new to consuming psychedelics.

We always provide the exact strain you choose to order. So if you order Golden Teachers, you will receive Golden Teachers. However, it must be acknowledged that each mushroom is unique, and they come from different farms, so even if the strain is the same, they may a different look. If you’re mushrooms don’t look exactly like the picture shown, that is not an indication of receiving the wrong order. The mushrooms appearance is subject to change.
We guarantee your mushrooms will come as described, be perfectly dried, and you will be super happy.

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  2. Amazing

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  3. Blue meanies are exactly what they are. I normally eat about 6 to 7 grams. The visuals are insane, gaming experience is awesome it definitely makes you an even better player , lots of giggles and we love to watch key and peele on YouTube If you haven’t watched them on mushrooms its a must!

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