Brazilian Cubensis

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Explore the Best Brazilian Magic Mushrooms at Shroomland Canada

Dive into the world of Brazilian magic mushrooms, revered for their intense visuals and profound effects. These potent mushies offer an extraordinary experience, perfect for those seeking to explore new dimensions of consciousness.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced psychonaut, proper dosing is key to unlocking the full potential of these mushrooms. Read on to learn more about the mystical world of Brazilian magic mushrooms.

Earn up to 200 Magic Dollars.

Discover Brazilian Magic Mushrooms at Shroomland Canada

Uncover the rich history of Brazilian magic mushrooms, used since ancient times in the Amazon as a spiritual tool. These Psilocybe cubensis strains, cherished for their potent effects, have a legacy of connecting users with higher realms.

Vivid Appearance of Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Admire the robust growth and striking appearance of Brazilian magic mushrooms, with their dark brown or golden yellow caps when fresh, transitioning to a paler hue with bluish tints upon drying due to natural bruising.

Intense Effects of Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Prepare for an intensely visual experience with Brazilian magic mushrooms, known for producing some of the most vivid visuals and a sense of euphoria, lifting your spirits to new heights.

Recreational Adventures with Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

For recreational use, dose Brazilian magic mushrooms cautiously due to their strength. Enjoy an experience filled with laughter, openness, and connection, but always prioritize safety and avoid risky activities during your journey.

Spiritual Journeys with Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Embrace the spiritual potential of Brazilian magic mushrooms, unlocking deep consciousness experiences. Respect these mushrooms by preparing your environment and mindset, ensuring a safe and mystical journey.

Dosing Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Given their potency, approach dosing Brazilian magic mushrooms with care. Here’s a guideline for a balanced experience:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose
  • .25-1g for a light dose
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose
  • 2.5-5g for a strong dose
  • 5g+ for a heavy dose

Connect with the Divine at Shroomland Canada

Shroomland Canada proudly offers Brazilian magic mushrooms, cultivated to provide an authentic experience. If you’re seeking to understand ancient tribal wisdom and connect with the divine, Brazilian magic mushrooms are your gateway.

We recommend starting with a 1 – 2 gram dose and waiting 40-60 minutes. If you feel comfortable you can slowly increase the dosage to your desired amount.


Warning: These are extremely potent. Use with caution and with care. We recommend having another individual with you if you are new to consuming psychedelics.

We always provide the exact strain you choose to order. So if you order Golden Teachers, you will receive Golden Teachers. However, it must be acknowledged that each mushroom is unique, and they come from different farms, so even if the strain is the same, they may a different look. If you’re mushrooms don’t look exactly like the picture shown, that is not an indication of receiving the wrong order. The mushrooms appearance is subject to change.
We guarantee your mushrooms will come as described, be perfectly dried, and you will be super happy.

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