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Albino Roller Coaster


Albino Roller Coaster Magic Mushroom also known as ARC is a sister strain to Tidal Wave. This strain is designed and grown in Canada produces bizarre formations that can resemble tooth coral, corriander flowers, brain shapes, and blobs, etc.

It’s potency is above average, great for experienced users. Beginners are recommended to start low and go slow.

Albino Roller Coaster users can expect distinctly colourful visuals, euphoria, and thought-inducing effects.


Albino Roller Coaster Magic Mushroom has a very unique appearance with ghostly white caps and stems. It is grown in the dark with minimal light and although it is named Albino it can still produce some pigments if exposed to light.The Albino Roller Coaster strain is known for a quicker and slightly more physical high lasting 4-5 hours. This of course depends on how much you consume. The Albino Roller Coaster is not necessarily a stronger strain than others in the psilocybe cubensis family. They do certainly appear very intense because of their ghostly white and blue-tinged form.Some other notable effects are; increased visual stimulation and deep original thoughts, general feeling of well-being, and transcendence. Ideal for experienced users because of its quick come-up and intense effects.After 10-30 minutes of consuming Albino Roller Coaster mushrooms, you will feel your mood enhanced with euphoria and excitement. Depending on the dosage you will experience mild to intense visual enhancements. Things may seem like they are breathing, the nature around you will feel more alive and you will find yourself in introspective thought.Music and art will look and feel different and you will have a higher appreciation and you may relate the music or art to yourself on a more personal level. The most common museum dose (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2-3.5g) should provide you with a 3-6 hour trip.

We recommend starting with a 1 – 2 gram dose and waiting 40-60 minutes. If you feel comfortable you can slowly increase the dosage to your desired amount.


Warning: These are extremely potent. Use with caution and with care. We recommend having another individual with you if you are new to consuming psychedelics.

We always provide the exact strain you choose to order. So if you order Golden Teachers, you will receive Golden Teachers. However, it must be acknowledged that each mushroom is unique, and they come from different farms, so even if the strain is the same, they may a different look. If you’re mushrooms don’t look exactly like the picture shown, that is not an indication of receiving the wrong order. The mushrooms appearance is subject to change.
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