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3000 mg Microdose Capsules – by Shroom Edibles

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Shroomedibles micro dose product line offers a perfect blend of functional mushrooms and quality ingredients to help maintain overall mental health and wellness. Each bottle is formulated to improve cognitive function, increase creativity, and reduce symptoms of depression.

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Shroomedibles microdose capsule

Evolve your brain, power up your memory, boost your cognition, and improve your perfomance! our microdose pill combines the benefits of Psilocybin ( Psilocybe Cubensis) with organic ginger powder to ehance and support your daily well-being.

What’s the scoop on shelf life?

Nestle your microdose capsules in a cool, dark nook at room temperature, and they’ll stay potent and primed for adventures from 2 to 3 years. Like fine wine, they might lose a bit of their zing over time, but they’ll still have plenty of magic to muster up.

Will microdosing send me on a visual trip?

Ah, a classic mix-up! If you’re hoping for a fantastical voyage of visuals, microdosing might not be your ticket. When it comes to Psilocybe cubensis, the stuff of legends, you won’t find yourself navigating kaleidoscopic realms with less than 1g, and full-on visual symphonies are off the table under 5g. With just a whisper of a gram in each capsule, your sensory reality will stay as clear as day.

When’s the best time to microdose?

Dive into your microdose journey with a ‘four days on, three days off’ rhythm, or just as your spirit moves you. Remember, too much of a good thing too often can dull its sparkle, so pace yourself to keep the magic alive. Morning person? Pop a capsule with your morning brew and watch that to-do list dissolve into a done list.

Is there any risk in microdosing?

Venturing into the realm of magic mushrooms is generally low-risk, especially at microdoses. It’s like all the best things in life—totally thrilling when enjoyed in moderation. So treat these tiny titans with respect and they’ll treat you to new heights of clarity and creativity without ever crossing into the twilight zone.

Each bottle contains 15x 200mg capsules for a total of 3000mg. We recommend starting with a small dosage of one pill and waiting 30-60 minutes before consuming more.

The specific strain selected for your capsules may vary based on availability. Should your chosen strain be unavailable, it will be replaced with a comparable alternative. Please note that the variation in effects between different strains in micro-dose capsules is generally minimal, ensuring a consistent experience

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