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7000mg Back 2 The Future Psilocybin Gummies


Look here, if you have to read this section then this product is probably not for you! Edible mushroom gummies without the bullshit. Eat it and have a great trip.

Earn up to 70 Magic Dollars.

What is Back 2 the Future?

Back 2 the Future specializes in psilocybin infused magic mushroom edibles. No marketing bullshit, no gimmicks, just high quality magic mushrooms to send you tripping through time.

What is a Mushroom Gummy?

Look here, if you have to read this section then this product is probably not for you.

What is the shelf life?

Who knows, you’ll probably finish the pack before they expire.

Will these cause hallucinations?

I mean…if they don’t then why are you taking it? Edibles are infused with the Golden Teacher strain.

How much should I dose?

You’re an adult, you decide. There’s 14x 500mg pieces in here for a total of 7000mg. You work out the math…

Is this USDA organic non-gmo certified ethically farmed to table?

You have to be super dumb to believe any of that.

Each pack contains 14x 500mg Golden Teacher infused gummies for a total of 7000mg. We recommend starting with a dosage of one jelly edible and waiting 30-60 minutes before consuming more.

As a general rule: 1 piece will be a microdose, 2-3 pieces will send you on a 2-3 hour trip, 4-6 pieces are for the experienced psychonauts, and anything over 7 pieces…well we’ll see you when we see you.

The flavour you choose for your gummies is not guaranteed. If the flavour you choose isn’t available, it will be substituted with another one. The change of flavour does not change the effect of the gummy

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