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Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel the legendary sativa strain. Well known in the medical world for assisting with depression, pain, and stress. Expect a burst of energy when smoking this one.

Earn up to 105 Magic Dollars.
Sour Diesel is a very well known sativa strain and comes from mixing chemdawg and super skunk. The effects are typically energizing and fast acting. You can expect to smell a strong gassy smell from it. Medical patients tend to choose this strain when they have depression, pain, and stress. This is a very legendary strain

Cannabis Can be smoked in many ways

  1. In a joint/spliff/doobie
  2. Blunt/Cigar Wrap
  3. Pipe
  4. Bong
  5. In an edible form

Whichever way you choose to smoke it, each will get you high. Lots of users prefer to smoke bongs over joints because you can get the same effects from a bong hit as you could from an entire joint. However lots of people also like it vice versa, they like to chill and smoke joints, joints are shareable with others and can be enjoyed together. Also Joints can be smoked on the go. Overall, you can smoke it however you like, the way you want to consume cannabis is up to you

Although cannabis has been legalized around Canada and probably can’t or wont cause you serious illness or harm, and is hard to get addicted to, doesn’t mean it should be abused. Like most things, you should be using it in moderation. Cannabis can become mentally addicting if you over use it and it may be hard to stop. Mentally addicting means that you become dependant on it and you can be irritable, angry, or feel other emotions when not in it.

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