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6G S’mores Chocolate by Shroom Edibles


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Earn 65 Magic Dollars!
Indulge in the enchanting flavors of Magic Mushroom S’mores Chocolate, a delightful fusion of nostalgic campfire s’mores and the mystical touch of earthy mushrooms. This unique treat features silky milk chocolate, infused with finely ground magic mushrooms, and is layered with gooey marshmallows and crunchy graham crackers. Perfect for those seeking a whimsical twist on a classic favorite, each bite offers a blend of creamy sweetness and subtle, earth-inspired undertones, promising an extraordinary culinary adventure.
  • Microdose (50mg to 250mg): This subtle whisper of a dose hums quietly in the background, gently enhancing your focus without any overt psychoactive effects. It’s like a secret productivity potion—perfect for conquering your day with an extra spring in your step.
  • Microdose+ (250mg to 500mg): Amp up your microdose experience with this tuned-up tier. Ideal for those with a bit more tolerance, it boosts your baseline without tipping into the realm of visuals or physical sensations. Think of it as your creative companion for deeper insights and enhanced flow.
  • Half Dose (500mg to 1g): Ready to tickle your senses? This dose offers a mellow buzz, weaving a touch of giddiness and a soft body high into your day. If you’re new or sensitive, you might catch the edge of a visual wave—just enough to smile at the ripples.
  • Full Dose (1g to 2g): Strap in for a full-fledged journey! At this level, you’re on the cusp of a classic psychedelic experience. The world may start to dance with gentle sways and fractal flourishes, making colors, sounds, and emotions pop in delightful new dimensions.
  • Deep Dose (2g to 3g): Dive into the profound depths of your consciousness with this serious dose. Expect to forge a deep connection with the universe, as nature and neighbors seem more interconnected. Visual and auditory hallucinations become vivid, and your thoughts might trailblaze unexplored territories.
  • Heroic Dose (3g+): For the psychonauts seeking peaks not yet scaled, this heroic dose promises an epic odyssey. Recommended for the experienced and the prepared, this level is about profound exploration and deep spiritual encounters. Venture forth with intention and respect, as you transcend the ordinary.

Each step up the ladder takes you deeper into the magical world of mindfulness and mystery. Choose your adventure wisely and enjoy the voyage!

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